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Frequently Asked Questions

What did the Committee of ten do?

Committee of Ten. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Committee of Ten was a working group of educators that, in 1892, recommended the standardization of American high school curriculum.

What is the 1892 Committee of ten?

To resolve these issues, the National Education Association formed The 1892 Committee of Ten. The committee was largely composed of representatives of higher education. Its subgroups, consisting of eight to ten members each, were convened by the following individuals: William T. Harris, Commissioner of Education, Washington, D.C.

What were the recommendations of the Committee of ten for Education?

The Committee of Ten recommended eight years of elementary education and four years of secondary education. It defined four different curricula as appropriate for high school. The first two followed a classical trend: classical and Latin-scientific. The second two were more contemporary: modern language and English.

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