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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You More “book smart” than “common sense smart?

Here are 10 ways to tell you are more “book smart” than “common sense smart”: 10. Making a cup of coffee sounds like a potentially difficult task (hey, there’s a reason they invented the Keurig). Making honor roll, on the other hand, comes pretty easily.

What is your review of the movie Booksmart?

Booksmart is an intelligent,warmhearted superb film. It is buoyed by an impressive directorial debut by Olivia Wilde, an excellent ensemble of young actors, and a sharp team of screenwriters. It is as if Clueless was combined with Broad City.

Why is everyone talking about 'Booksmart'?

“Booksmart” fills in those gaps, and also gives the good girls a chance to act out. Besides, every generation needs its own rowdy high school comedy, and millennials deserve one that treats the anxieties teens have been grappling with for millennia with the same urgency that Jerry Bruckheimer would bring to a high-stakes action movie.

What are street smarts and book smarts?

Street smarts refer to the tactical knowledge you gain through experience whereas book smarts relate to what you learn in school. There are certain skills you need to become successful in life that can only be gained through experience. Someone with street smarts is intelligent, has good common sense, and knows how to handle unfortunate situations.

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