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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any bad reviews for the movie Venom?

Social media has been all over Venom, accusing fans of stuffing the Web with fake bad reviews so A Star Is Born won’t whack it at the box-office. Don’t sweat it. No one has to fake a bad review of this. The ending suggests there’s a Eddie/Venom buddy sequel in the offing. Someone needs to bite the head off that idea pronto.

What should parents expect from the movie Venom?

Parents can expect violence, strong language, and lots of scares, according to Common Sense Media. But, it seems that Venom as a movie is tip-toeing the line where it can largely be left up to the parent's discretion.

What happens in the first scene of venom?

Venom, left, terrorizes a customer in the Marvel supervillain movie 'Venom.' In the first scene of Marvel ’s utterly unmarvelous Venom, an alien space ship crashes and burns on earth leaving behind a slithering mass of defanged, digitalized slop.

What kind of violence is there in Venom?

The violence, while mostly bloodless, is frequent and intense, with fighting, hitting, punching, and bashing, guns and shooting, stabbing and slicing, car chases, explosions, etc. Some characters die on-screen, and many die offscreen.

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