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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the iTunes “compilations” folder?

Q: I noticed in the My Music folder of my Windows PC a folder iTunes created called “Compilations��?, comprised almost entirely of various greatest hits CDs. Most all of the artists included in this Compilations folder have separate folders outside of this Compilations folder.

How do I set an album as a compilation in iTunes?

Setting an album as a compilation—or not—is easy to do. Select all its tracks, then press Command-I, and click the Options tab. Choose Yes or No from the Part Of A Compilation menu, then click OK.

What is an album compilation?

Technically, it’s an album with multiple artists but not, for example, a best-of album by a single artist (although the iTunes Store does in fact consider many Greatest Hits albums to be compilations). Since iTunes and the iPod can sort music by artist, when you go to view an album by a given artist, you expect to find full albums.

Why is my compilation album not showing up on iTunes?

Another problem related to the Compilations tag occurs when only some songs of an album have that tag set. You may find an album in iTunes that shows as if it were two separate albums. Select all the tracks and set the Compilation tag to No to group the songs correctly.

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