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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word compilation Mean?

The definition of a compilation is a collection of different things, or the act of gathering and putting together things. When you gather together recordings of all of your favorite songs so you can make a mixed tape, this is an example of a compilation.

What is the noun for compilation?

Noun. compilation ( countable and uncountable, plural compilations ) ( uncountable) The act or process of compiling or gathering together from various sources. ( countable) That which is compiled; especially, a book or document composed of materials gathering from other books or documents. ( countable, uncountable, computing) Translation of source code into object code by a compiler.

What is another word for compellations?

Synonyms for compellation include title, moniker, handle, designation, name, denomination, cognomen, appellation, denotation and appellative. Find more similar words ...

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