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Frequently Asked Questions

How does compressa compression work for your body?

Compressa has helped my overall performance when running. They fit perfectly and are very comfortable when I go for long runs around my city. Get through your day without pain and discomfort. Targeted compression and improved blood circulation. Whether you are battling injury or trying to prevent one.

What are the benefits of wearing compressa socks?

Here are some of the top benefits of wearing Compressa socks – Stabilizes Muscles – Compressa socks work as a stabilizer for the leg muscles and reduces vibrations resulting in low fatigue. Improve Blood Circulation – Compressa socks allow the arteries in the legs to dilate and increases blood flow.

Who is the inventor of the compressa sock?

Compressa Socks are designed using advanced compression zone technology invented by famous Podiatrist, Pete Schultz. Over the years, he has observed his patients suffer from foot pain that prevented them from living an active life.

Is the compressa knee sleeve worth the money?

"Very happy with my purchase!" I have tried many different brands, but all of them fall short compare to compressa's knee sleeve. This one actually stays in place and works as new, wash after wash. It's worth it!

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