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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the formula to determine compression ratio?

PSI = X:Y*P Where PSI is the pounds per square inch X:Y is the compression ratio P is the pressure (typically standard atmospheric pressure (14.696)

How do you calculate compression ratio?

To calculate the ratio for your vehicle, you need to use the formula, compression ration = volume at below dead center divided by volume at top dead center. This is not as simple as it sounds but if you know a few key measurements, you will be able to calculate the compression ratio.

What is the formula for compression?

Plug your numbers into the formula CR = (Vsw + Vcl) / Vcl . Now that you know the swept volume and clearance volume, simply insert those numbers into the formula and solve it. Add the swept volume and cylinder volume together first. Then, divide the result by the cylinder volume to find the compression ratio.

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