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Frequently Asked Questions

What is audio compression and why you should use it?

Audio compression is the reduction of the dynamic range of an audio track by attenuating the loudest parts and raising the volume of the quietest parts of the audio signal. This is often used to smooth out instruments that are too loud or too soft or fall outside the recording equipment's dynamic range.

What does compression sound like?

Compression is when quiet sounds are boosted to the same level as loud sounds, and loud sounds are boosted to the maximum level of volume that a CD can hold. There is a limit to how loud you can master a CD (100db? I forget the exact number) because with 16-bits of resolution, that's the most the format can offer.

What is compression in sound?

Compression is the process of lessening the dynamic range between the loudest and quietest parts of an audio signal. This is done by boosting the quieter signals and attenuating the louder signals.

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