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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EMT fitting?

EMT is a common, thinly-walled conduit pipe that is often chosen in place of galvanized rigid conduit. It is made out of coated steel and aluminum. The reason it is so popular is due to its affordability and flexibility. It is one of the most lightweight metallic tubing options and is used with or without threaded fittings.

What is an EMT conduit?

EMT conduit is a raceway solution which allows for future wiring changes and provides excellent mechanical protection to conductors and cables. EMT provides EMI shielding and is 100% recyclable.

What is an EMT coupling?

EMT Couplers for Conduit Systems. EMT couplers are used to connect conduit sections together to achieve the desired length. The EMT combination coupler is used to join two different types of conduit such as electrical metal tubing and rigid conduit.

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