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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PEX plastic tubing better than copper?

PEX is better than copper piping for several reasons. PEX is a type of polymer tubing that costs much less than copper and is quicker to install. PEX tubing is also more flexible, requires fewer joints, and does not corrode like copper pipe.

How do you remove PEX expansion fittings?

Simply set the angle of the tool to the size of the fitting you will be removing. Place the lower end of the open jaws into the PEX compression fitting, and then close it tightly over the top. This is done by pushing the two handles together.

Can you use PVC fittings with PEX pipe?

There is no traditional fitting that can connect PEX directly to PVC. Most push-fit fittings such as SharkBites work with PEX, copper, and CPVC — but not with PVC pipe (Schedule 40, Schedule 80, DWV, etc.), but there is a recently developed SharkBite fitting that can do the job.

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