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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use compression fittings with plastic pipe?

You can use compression fittings with plastic pipe no problem but don't forget to use inserts. Are you really going to save that much though? The correct plastic fittings are not that expensive and there is a considerable time saving.

How do you install compression fittings?

Cut the CPVC pipe at the point where you want to install the compression fitting with a tubing cutter to produce a clean, square cut. Bevel the edges of the pipe with a file. Make the cut with a hacksaw as an alternative. If you use a hacksaw, be rigorous about preparing the edges.

What are PVC slip fittings?

Slip PVC Couplings. Slip PVC couplers are for making connections with PVC pipe. Our durable PVC pipe couplings are available in a variety of sizes. Slip PVC coupler fittings are ideal for sprinkler system installations, where long runs of PVC pipe are made using coupling fittings.

Can You reuse compression fittings plumbing?

Generally you can reuse the compression seat and the compression nut unless they are damaged or otherwise compromised. But you must always replace the compression ring with a new one whenever you use a compression fitting.

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