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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install a compression fitting?

Cut the CPVC pipe at the point where you want to install the compression fitting with a tubing cutter to produce a clean, square cut. Bevel the edges of the pipe with a file. Make the cut with a hacksaw as an alternative. If you use a hacksaw, be rigorous about preparing the edges.

What do you need to know about compression fittings?

Know Your Compression Fittings Similarities and differences. Similarities - Threaded and compression fittings both use threads to help make their connections. ... Identifying a compression fitting. If you're looking at a fitting and wondering if it's a threaded or compression, take a look inside. ... The advantages of compression fittings. ...

What are the parts of a compression fitting?

Compression fittings allow you to make connections to copper pipes without soldering them. They are especially useful for shutoff valves, such as the ones for your sinks and toilets. A compression fitting has three parts: a nut with female threads that screws onto a seat with male threads and a brass ring, or ferrule, that fits between them.

What type of thread is a compression fitting?

The compression fitting uses a nut and a ring, known as a ferrule, to seal against leaks. The threads on compression fittings are not tapered like that of iron pipe. As the nut is screwed on, it compresses the ferrule into the copper tubing.

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