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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you treat a compression fracture in the back?

Treating a Compression Fracture of the Back. If the underlying cause of your compression fracture is osteoporosis, your doctor may recommend: pain medications. bed rest to help your body heal. physical therapy to help strengthen your core muscles and spinal support muscles. a back brace, which can help support your spine.

What is treatment for compressed back fracture?

A: Treatment for a lumbar compression fracture includes pain medications, activity modification and back bracing, according to WebMD. Surgery is also a treatment method for a lumbar compression fracture and includes vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty and spinal fusion.

What is the best exercise for compression fracture?

Physical Therapy. Once you're feeling better, ask your doctor if you should join a rehab program or work with a physical therapist. Exercises that strengthen your back can help you avoid having more compression fractures. Check with your doctor about the best weight-bearing exercises for you, such as: Walking. Yoga. Dancing.

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