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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a compression fracture?

Compression fractures are small breaks in the vertebrae (bones in your spine). They're more common in women over 50. As bones weaken with age and osteoporosis, they're more likely to break. Over time, breaks in the vertebrae cause the spine to collapse and curve over. Treatment includes rest, medications, braces and minimally invasive surgery.

What are the symptoms of a compression fracture of the spine?

They don't have to have a fall or other trauma to develop a compression fracture of the spine. People with tumors that spread to the bone or tumors such as multiple myeloma that occur in the spine. Back pain is by far the most common symptom in patients with a compression fracture.

How do you treat a compression fracture of the spine?

The brace used to treat a compression fracture of the spine is designed to keep you from bending forward. It holds the spine in hyperextension (meaning more extension, or straightening, than normal). This takes most of the pressure off the fractured vertebral body, and allows the vertebrae to heal.

Can a compression fracture of the spine go undetected?

Compression fractures of the spine are common injuries, and often associated with conditions that weaken the bone. In these situations, the fractures may go undetected, or they may cause symptoms of pain.

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