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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes pain in a compression fracture?

A compression fracture is the collapse of a bone, particularly the vertebrae. Although compression fractures can occur in any bone in the body, they are most troublesome and painful when they occur in the back, often resulting in lower back pain. Compression fractures of the vertebrae are can be caused by trauma, osteoporosis, or cancer.

Is a vertebral compression fracture serious?

If the entire vertebral column breaks, it results in a burst fracture. If the compression is mild, you will experience only mild pain and minimal deformity. If the compression is severe, affecting the spinal cord or nerve roots, you will experience severe pain and a hunched forward deformity (kyphosis).

What is a compression fracture of the vertebrae?

A vertebral compression fracture occurs when the block-like part of an individual bone of the spine (vertebra) become compressed due to trauma. Usually the trauma necessary to break the bones of the spine is quite substantial.

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