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Frequently Asked Questions

What size do Jobst compression stockings come in?

Posted: (9 days ago) Jobst Compression Stockings Sizing Guide Jobst UltraSheer, Opaque, for Men and Relief stockings, 15-20 (except forMen), 20-30, and 30-40 mmHg are sized by leg circumferences using the chart below. Sizing for men and women is the same. All dimensions are in centimeters (cm).

Where do I need to measure for a Jobst?

Where you need to measure on your leg will be the same for every Jobst and most other brand models, but the numbers you need to fit different sizes will be slightly different each time.

Are Jobst and bellavar sizes the same?

Take a look at the size charts, both Jobst, both using the same thigh-to-toe measurement range. The first is from the Jobst UltraSheer range and the second from Bellavar. Both may look similar, but a difference in their materials means that they don’t follow the same sizing system.

How to measure for compression socks?

How to measure for compression socks: Sit the person down with their foot flat on the floor and their knee at a 90 degree angle. This contracts the calf so we get it at its biggest measurement.

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