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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there compression socks for men and women?

We at TheraWear stock and sell an epic range of compression socks & compression stockings. No matter if you're a nurse, doctor, playing sports or want to increase circulation in your legs, our healthcare products look great and extremely comfortable compression socks for men or women.

Can a compression sock be used for arch pain?

The compression sock can comfortably and safely be used overnight, to help relieve morning heel or arch pain. Our podiatrist’s have found that active children suffering with episodes of heel pain (or Sever’s disease), find great relief with the use of the FS-6 compression sock as it helps to control inflammation at the growth plate.

Where does Morris medical compression stockings come from?

Morris Medical is a wholly Australian owned company operating from Brisbane. Our staff has over 80 years combined experience in the Rehabilitation Equipment and Medical Compression Stocking Industries. We are the Queensland Distributor for SIGVARIS Medical Compression hosiery.

What does the fs-6 compression sock do for You?

The FS-6 Compression Sock uses Compression Zone Technology TM to provide six zones of graduated compression to support your plantar fascia, heel and arch. The FS-6 sock provides medical grade compression to reduce pain and help your foot and ankle injuries to heal faster.

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