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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do men wear compression socks?

Many people also like wearing compression socks and stockings because these keep their feet and legs warm in especially cold weather. The increased blood circulation in the area will help generate warmth especially when you are running or hiking early in the morning or if it is extremely cold.

What size socks do men wear?

Most Men's dress socks are between 8.5 to 9 inch from heal to toe and generally expand from 2 to 3 inch ( depending on the amount of elastic used). So if you have a size 8 and under they are already too big for your feet right off the package.

Do zip up compressions stockings exist?

Although compression stockings can come in a variety of lengths such as knee-length, full-length or as a regular sock style, zip up compression socks tend to be available in the following styles: Zippered compression stockings will always be a minimum of knee-length. This ensures that the zipper will stay firmly in its place.

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