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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best manufacturers of compression socks?

The best source for compression socks,compression stockings,support hose by the most trusted manufacturers: Jobst, Juzo, Mediven, Sigvaris, Lymphedivas, CEP, Zensah The source for compression socks, compression stockings, & support hose. Compression wear from Jobst, Juzo, Medi, Sigvaris, Therafirm, CEP, Zensah

What should the pressure be in compression socks?

If the pressure of the stockings were the same throughout, it could impede the flow and cause more swelling in the leg. “Normally, we will prescribe 10 to 15 millimeters of mercury gradient (mmHg) compression stockings,” he adds. “This means there's 15 millimeters of mercury pressure at the ankle and 10 at the knee.”

Can you wear compression socks with varicose veins?

Enter compression socks or stocking: fitted socks that come in varying lengths, usually below the knee or thigh-high. While compression socks cannot treat varicose veins that have already formed, they can help with the prevention of new ones, says Bauer Sumpio, MD, a Yale Medicine vein surgeon.

How often should you change your compression socks?

Because these stockings will lose some of their spring and elasticity due to the frequent wear, he suggests purchasing two pairs every four to six months and switching them out when needed.

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