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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you wear your compression socks a day?

The amount of time you wear your compression stockings each day should be guided by a physician. Why you are wearing stockings and the strength of your stockings will make a difference in wear time. People who have chronic venous issues often wear their stockings 16 hours per day, removing them at bedtime.

Where to buy compression socks?

How to buy compression socks? Whether for medical reasons or for preventative care, ComproGear has you covered. Shop now at or for unlimited free returns (so you can make sure to get the perfect fit!) and a lifetime guarantee (so you never have to worry about replacements again!)

What is good about compression socks?

A runner wearing compression socks. Compression sock may be used with ice packs to help with swelling. Elevating the legs and feet may alleviate pain temporarily. Compression socks increase blood flow circulation.

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