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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lasso compression socks really prevent ankle sprains?

Lasso socks use targeted compression to reinforce the ligaments and tendons in the ankle that help during motion. Lasso socks may help: Prevent ankle sprains (recent studies show Lasso can reduce ankle rolling by 75%) Provide support to the ankle joint during motion

Will compression socks help already swollen ankles?

Compression socks The easiest and one of the most effective treatments for swollen feet and ankles is the use of compression socks. These stockings apply a certain amount of pressure to your feet and prevent fluid accumulation in your feet. (This is the opposite of loose fitting socks for swollen ankles.)

Should you put ice or heat on a sprained ankle?

For the best results, experts recommend the Price method: protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation. They caution that ice should be applied only 20 minutes at a time. Ice is far better than heat for ankle sprains.

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