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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is a compression spring used?

Applications. Coil springs are used in the engine. These springs are compression springs and play an important role in lifting the valves that feed air and let exhaust gasses out of the combustion chamber. The spring is attached to a rocker that is connected to the valve.

How are compression springs made?

In wave compression springs, wires are flattened, stacked lines of stainless steel. Most compression springs are made of rounded wire, but compression springs consisting of squared wire with very high load capacity exist in the form of die springs.

Is a spring in compression or tension?

Springs can be classified depending on how the load force is applied to them: Tension/extension spring - the spring is designed to operate with a tension load, so the spring stretches as the load is applied to it. Compression spring - is designed to operate with a compression load, so the spring gets shorter as the load is applied to it.

What are compression coil springs?

Compression springs are coil springs wound with spacing between the coils so that they can be compressed from their free length to a shorter operating length. This allows the spring to store energy and provide a force or pressure.

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