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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you wear compression stockings after surgery?

We usually recommend compression garments for two weeks after surgery. Generally, I recommend wearing the garments for 24 to 48 hours continuously. After that, you can wear them on and off for the next two weeks. Please follow your specific surgeon's instructions.

Are compression stockings good or bad?

On the other hand, athletes can also experience benefits from compression stockings. Wearing them while exercising is not a bad idea and in some cases, it's even recommended for better results and healthier body. My husband, for example, discovered compression socks while trying to figure out how to improve his athletic capacity.

Should compression stockings be worn 24 hours a day?

Mechanical compression devices should be worn at least 18-20 hours a day to be effective. Graduated compression stockings and other mechanical compression devices have been shown not to be effective unless they are worn at least 18- 20 hours a day.

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