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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get compcompression stockings?

Compression stockings can be gotten through a prescription or by going to any surgical supply store, drug store, etc. The compression of the stocking varies according to what is being treated. For most routine things, compression around 18 to 30 is sufficient.

When to wear compression stockings mmHg chart?

Compression Stockings mmHG Chart: Your Guide (with Photos!) 1 Using compression socks. Compression stockings are worn in the morning when you wake up and get out of bed, before any swelling can occur. 2 Understanding compression stocking strength. ... 3 Getting the Right Sock Strength For You. ... 4 Conclusion. ...

What are the compression levels for compression socks?

The standard compression levels for compression socks are (over the counter)15-20 mmHg, (medical class 1)20-30 mmHg, (medical class 2)30-40mmHg and (medical class 3)40-50 mmHg. There are other compression levels but these are the standardized compression strengths and are commonly used.

What does mmHg mean in compression socks?

This means that the amount of pressure will not fall below 30 mmHg and will not exceed 40 mmHg. mmHg is the unit used to measure pressure and is called ‘millimeters of mercury’. This unit is also used to measure blood pressure. The graduated features of compression socks make them versatile and helpful with different pressure levels.

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