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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand of compression stockings?

The top therapy sock brands include TED, Copper Socks, CEP, Jobst, Pro Compression, Sigvaris, Juzo, Futuro, Truform, Ames Walker, Mediven, and Figs. Best Compression Socks for Nurses Nurses are at particular risk for contracting varicose veins due to long periods of weight-bearing on both legs.

Where can I buy compression stockings?

Compression stockings can be gotten through a prescription or by going to any surgical supply store, drug store, etc. The compression of the stocking varies according to what is being treated. For most routine things, compression around 18 to 30 is sufficient. I rarely prescribe compression stockings, as most can be purchased over the counter.

Where can I buy compression socks locally?

Locally, ‘Caring Touch Medical’ is a great place to be fitted and the staff here is very helpful with selecting the right size of socks for you. You will receive personalized assistance and pick up the highest quality compression socks available.

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