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Frequently Asked Questions

Are compression stockings covered under Medicare?

Compression stockings are a non-covered service under Medicare Part B. Medicare will not pay for these items even with a prescription from your doctor. Some insurance plans will cover the cost of compression hosiery if the stockings are prescribed by a physician and the compression is greater than 20 mmHg.

Should I exercise with compression stockings?

Compression stockings can be worn during exercise. In some cases, a medical condition might necessitate their use during activities. Compression stockings are therapeutic stockings worn to support the venous and lymphatic systems of the leg. Ambulatory individuals generally use compression stockings called graduated compression stockings.

What is the CPT code for compression stockings?

Compression Garments and Stockings HCPCS Code range A6501-A6550. The HCPCS codes range Compression Garments and Stockings A6501-A6550 is a standardized code set necessary for Medicare and other health insurance providers to provide healthcare claims.

Do compression stockings have to be worn on both legs?

Traditional elastic compression stockings should not be worn at night on a regular basis, unless you are told to do so by your doctor. Just about all compression stockings provide “static” compression which means constant pressure is being applied to your legs all the time to help your blood circulate.

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