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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best compression stockings?

Louis Prevosti, MD. The best compression stockings to treat varicose veins and the underlying condition called venous insufficiency (also called venous reflux) are usually a 20-30 mmHg graduated compression stockings. The stockings can be calf high, thigh high, or waist high. They come closed toe or open toe.

Are You using your compression stockings correctly?

Wear your stockings every day, or exactly as your doctor advises. Make sure you smooth the compression stocking as you pull it on, so that there are no bunches or kinks. Also, check that the seams of the stocking run straight up your legs.

What are the side effects of compression stockings?

Compression stockings exert too low pressure on the thigh … cations, experimental and clinical effects of thigh … (a) To reduce side-effects such as pain, inflam-. Compression stockings have some side effects: • They can be uncomfortable when worn all day. • They can be hot.

What are the measurements for compression stockings?

Doctors Answers (9) mmhg stands for millimeters of mercury, which is a unit of measurement for pressure. Compression stockings have pressure points and as you move and walk they help to increase blood flow in the legs. We recommend graduated compression stocking 20-30 mmhg to help with varicose and spider veins.

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