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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need prescription to get compression stockings?

Compression stockings with a small amount of compression are sold without a prescription. Stronger compression stockings are prescribed by your care provider with certain specifications - such as strength of compression and length of stocking - based on the condition being treated.

Does Medicare pay for compression stockings?

Medicare does not typically cover compression stockings. However, Medicare does provide coverage for pneumatic compression devices in certain situations.

What are the side effects of compression stockings?

Compression stockings exert too low pressure on the thigh … cations, experimental and clinical effects of thigh … (a) To reduce side-effects such as pain, inflam-. Compression stockings have some side effects: • They can be uncomfortable when worn all day. • They can be hot.

Are compression stockings safe for use without a prescription?

A moderate pressure level of 20-30 mmHg compression stockings is the most common and also the most readily available. Although they are labelled as Class-I Medical-Grade garments, you do not need a prescription to get a pair. Moderate compression is perfect for: Patients with moderate to severe edema, swollen feet and ankles.

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