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Frequently Asked Questions

What does constitute mean in science?

tr.v. con·sti·tut·ed, con·sti·tut·ing, con·sti·tutes. 1. a. To be the elements or parts of; compose: Copper and tin constitute bronze. b. To amount to; equal: "Rabies is transmitted through a bite; ... patting a rabid animal in itself does not constitute exposure" (Malcolm W. Browne). 2.

What does the word constitute mean?

constitute. ( ˈkɒnstɪˌtjuːt) vb ( tr) 1. to make up; form; compose: the people who constitute a jury. 2. to appoint to an office or function: a legally constituted officer. 3. to set up (a school or other institution) formally; found. 4. (Law) law to give legal form to (a court, assembly, etc) 5.

What is another word for constitute?

verb authorize synonyms for constitute Compare Synonyms create establish aggregate complement complete compose compound construct develop embody enact fix found frame incorporate integrate make cook up dream up fill out flesh out fudge together make up set up See also synonyms for: constituted / constitutes / constituting Meet Grammar Coach

What does to constitute mean?

To compose or form. It did constitute easily and efficiently. To form an element of a constitution. They did ensure to constitute all human rights as an element of the constitution. How to pronounce constitute?

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