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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to consulate health care?

Florida-based nursing home chain Consulate Health Care has reached a tentative settlement with the Department of Justice after six of its affiliated nursing homes filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy following a more than quarter-billion-dollar judgment in a False Claims Act case.

Does consulate own nursing homes in Florida?

Probably not.” Consulate, based in Maitland, a suburb of Orlando, owns about 70 of Florida's 693 nursing homes, and operates in every metro area. In all, the privately held company owns and controls about 150 nursing homes and assisted living facilities, mostly in the Southeast and the Mid-Atlantic states.

Did Florida's consulate health care defraud the government?

An appeals court last week affirmed part of a jury’s finding that Consulate Health Care, which operates a tenth of all Florida nursing homes, systematically defrauded the government by providing medically unnecessary treatments to patients.

Are Consulate health care's nursing homes related to consulate's bankruptcy?

This bankruptcy filing, and the fanfare accompanying a high-profile federal lawsuit, may have contributed to the divvying up of Consulate Health Care’s nursing homes in Florida. But licensing documents and corporate filings suggest the new owners of these facilities are related to the company.

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