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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the contingent contagionism theory?

Contingent contagionism. Contingent contagionism was a concept in 19th-century medical writing and epidemiology before the germ theory, used as a qualified way of rejecting the application of the term "contagious disease" for a particular infection.

What is the difference between contagionist theory and miasma theory?

Miasma theory, which posited that contagious diseases were caused by bad air, would persist well into the 1800s at the expense of contagionist theory. Only when an experimental germ theory was developed by Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur in 1861 would contagionist theory begin to dominate.

Does the germ theory of disease vindicate the contagionist view?

Although the contagionist view would be substantially vindicated by Robert Koch’s germ theory of disease, it is important not to simply ignore the arguments put forward by the anticontagionists.

How was contagion conceptualised?

Contagion was not conceptualised as restricted to physical contact. A corruption of air could be transmitted from person to person, at short range. By the 1840s public health policy, at least in the United Kingdom, had become a battleground between contagionist and anti-contagionist parties.

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