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Frequently Asked Questions

Is content syndication a good or a bad thing?

Content syndication is particularly useful if you're a smaller publisher or an up-and-coming writer who wants a larger audience from a more authoritative site. By having your blog content published on The Guardian (for instance) you will be exposed to a much wider audience that isn't your own, who may then visit you on your own blog.

What is content syndication and why is it important?

Content syndication is a method for distributing Web content to many online sites. Syndication is so important because it generates more traffic, improves SEO rankings, and increases brand awareness. The easiest way to set up Web content syndication is to create Web feeds that give your subscribers a summary of the Web content that you have added recently.

Is content syndication a good strategy?

Like all marketing activities, content syndication will be most effective if you're working with a solid strategy. A good strategy begins with great content. Next, define your business goals, identify suitable syndication partners, create winning pitches, and map out your short and long-term content syndication plan.

What exactly is content syndication?

Content syndication is not a new term for the business executives anymore. Whether or not regarded as a direct contribution to the final production figures of an organization, its importance goes unquestioned. Right from low-key companies to big shot names within the industry have realized the imprudence of unattended public content.

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