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Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate content type syndication hub?

The Content Type HUB would have the feaure Content Type Syndication Hub feature activated You can check this by navigating to the Site Settings > Site Collection features > Content Type Syndication Hub > Activate When this feature is activated you will be able to manage the publishing for the content type

What is a content type hub?

A Content Type Hub is a site collection with the Content Type Syndication Hub feature activated. When activated, content types created in that site collection can be published in all site collections in that environment (as long as the feature is activated). This is used when you need the same content type through all site collections.

Which SharePoint versions support content type syndication hub?

Note: the parent content type will not be affected by any changes that you made to the child content types. Content Type Hub is supported with the below SharePoint versions: SharePoint Online. SharePoint 2019. SharePoint 2016. SharePoint 2013. SharePoint Foundation 2013. SharePoint 2010. What’s Content Type Syndication Hub feature in SharePoint?

What is SharePoint content type publishing hub?

Content Type Publishing Hub allows SharePoint administrators to have a central location where they can manage and publish content types from across all their SharePoint web applications. The Content Type Hub is activated as a Site Collection Feature.

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