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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a content type syndication hub?

A content type hub enables you to publish SharePoint content types across a farm. You can use a content type hub to centrally manage key content types that you want to use in multiple site collections. To create a content type syndication hub, we recommend that you create a site collection for that purpose.

How do I manage content type publishing on a content type hub?

Important: You must be a Site Collection Administrator to manage content type publishing on a content type hub. Go to the top-level site in the content type hub site collection. Click Settings and then click Site Settings.

How to create content type hub in SharePoint Online?

To create a new content type in the Content Type Hub Site Collection, go to Site Settings -> Site Content Types -> Create. content type hub in sharepoint online. Once you will click on “ Create “, a “ New Site Content Type ” page will appear where you have to create a Site Content Type.

Is there a CT hub site collection in Office 365?

Yes, regarding the Content Type Hub in Office 365, we don’t need to set up the CT Hub Site Collection. Microsoft takes care of it and the site collection will not be listed on the Site Collection List as well. But, if we type the URL directly as https://<<Tenant>>, the site will be fully functional.

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