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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Cosa?

COSA is an information resource for persons of any age needing information on benefits and services available to older persons. Information is provided as is referral to appropriate resources.

How do I meet with a CoSA group?

Due to COVID-19, most COSA groups are meeting via telephone, Zoom, or other online meeting methods. Please call or email the meeting contact person listed for the group you wish to attend and they will assist you in connecting with your local meeting. by Compulsive Sexual Behavior?

What does Cosa do for Delaware County residents?

COSA offers a wide range of services to the County's older population from senior centers to nursing home eligibility determination, legal services, volunteer opportunities and so much more.

Can a city employee use a Cosa email account?

Provide internet browser access for employees to their COSA email accounts. If you are a city Employee with a City email account you should be able to use your current Window’s account to log into Email Services. If you don’t have a City email account, but need one, please contact your supervisor.

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