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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with a MyHeritage PremiumPlus subscription?

When you upgrade one of your family sites to a MyHeritage PremiumPlus family site subscription you get: Enhanced Smart Matching– confirm and reject matches, contact Site Manager, automatic merge; Access to four exclusive MyHeritage collectionsin SuperSearch to boost your research; Access to all the online Tree Consistency Checker;

How much does mymyheritage cost?

MyHeritage Premium subscription – Up to 2.500 potential relatives you can grow your family tree by making use of this plan. You can access the family tree builder premium and can enjoy quicker answers. It is payable yearly, and per month it charges 9.17$.

Is MyHeritage free to use?

The free plan does not allow access to MyHeritage’s historical record collections, but it will allow you to compare their basic family tree-building options to those offered by other genealogy websites.

What do I get with a premium family site subscription?

If you have a Premium family site subscription, you get full access to two of the paid collections in SuperSearch: 'MyHeritage family sites' and 'MyHeritage members'.

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