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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does MyHeritage cost?

MyHeritage Premium Plus- $209 per year, first year special $149 Data Subscription- $189 per year, first year special $129 Complete Subscription- $299 per year, first year special $199 Does MyHeritage have a free trial?

What is the best MyHeritage subscription?

The best offer from MyHeritage is the Complete Subscription – a research package that combines a PremiumPlus family site (all benefits described above) with full access to over 15 billion historical records on MyHeritage, and all Record Matches. Upgrade now to take your research to a new level and preserve your family history!

Which MyHeritage collections do I get with a PremiumPlus subscription?

If you have a PremiumPlus family site subscription you get full access to all four of the MyHeritage collections: 'MyHeritage family sites', 'MyHeritage members', 'MyHeritage family trees' and 'MyHeritage photos'.

How can I access MyHeritage for free?

Another option for free access to MyHeritage is MyHeritage Library Edition, which is offered through their partnership with EBSCO. Library Edition offers access to MyHeritage’s historical record collections, family tree profiles, and Record Detective,™ a tool that recommends additional records based on those you have already located.

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