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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Costco have a photo lab?

Costco photo labs use Epson Stylus Pro 7880 and 7890 inkjet printers for poster prints. These printers are only used for large format prints and offer a limited number of print size options. For general printing, the standard Costco Photo lab printers should be used.

Does Costco still do photos?

Along with taking and printing passport pictures, other services such as standard photo printing ceased in all Costco stores in February, 2021. However, while you can still get photos printed online through the Costco Photo Center website, it is no longer possible to access the more specialist services Costco offers.

Can I pick up photos at Costco?

You do not need a membership to use the Costco Photo Center online. However, your only option is to ship the photos to your home or business; you cannot pick them up in store. Additionally, certain features (like special filters) are not available.

Is Costco Photo Center closed?

New York (CNN Business) Costco is closing its photo centers at all of its roughly 800 stores next month, ending a number of services that have a decidedly retro vibe.

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