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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best CD rate to get in Delaware?

Below are the best one-year CD Rates from banks in Delaware. One-year CDs are usually the most popular term and offer a decent yield without having to lock-up money for an extended period of time. One year CD Rates are generally comparable to or a little higher than their savings and money market counterparts. 1 Year CD National Average : 0.40% ?

Is there a County Bank in southern Delaware?

“ When my family and I moved to Southern Delaware, we wanted a local bank where we weren’t just a number. County Bank filled the bill and then some. Everyone is so professional, friendly and always says hello. At County Bank, you are made to feel important.”

Is there a County Bank debit MasterCard in Delaware?

Alert New County Bank Consumer Debit Mastercard Coming Soon! Learn More not just branches. Local people. Local service. “ I can’t say enough good things about County Bank.

How to find the best credit union CD rates?

All rates listed are Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The Min listed is the minimum deposit account balance required to obtain the rate listed. Please choose at least two or more products for the comparing process. You can select and compare products from any of the CDs or Savings tables.

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