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Frequently Asked Questions

How does County Bank help you manage your finances?

County Bank is here to help all our customers manage their finances with ease and accuracy. We offer Quicken financial software access and training, empowering the average user to be an active participant in their own spending and saving goals. Are you still paying your bills by mail?

How does the bank of Franklin County work?

Our ITM network allows you to have the experience with a live teller while in the drive-thru, banking at your convenience. It's personal banking in a new and exciting way. Modern account management tools. We believe you should be able to bank wherever you are. That's why we offer web-based services like online bill pay.

Is there a central bank in Boone County?

Central Bank of Boone County has over 162 years of experience serving its community with legendary service, financial expertise and exceptional products. The commitment doesn't stop there. Central Bank of Boone County invests more than a quarter million dollars each year into more than 150 nonprofit organizations and their projects.

Is there a bank in Maries County SC?

The Maries County Bank began in Maries County, but over the years we’ve grown to serve customers in the surrounding counties, and even around the world with our online and mobile banking services. We have pride in our past and in where we started and we look forward to investing in your future, no matter what county you’re in, we’re here for you.

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