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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a bank in Greenwood, SC?

Also visit Greenwood Capital - Greenville in Suite 300. This location's lobby is currently open. Banking, insurance, and SBA loans available at this location. This location's lobby is currently open. Banking, mortgage, and insurance are available at this location.

Who is the senior vice president of countybank?

Countybank is pleased to announce the promotion of JD Nelson III to Senior Vice President, Mortgage Division Manager. GSA Business Report has selected Jamie Compton for the 2021 Class of Forty Under 40.

What does County Bank do for the community?

The Countybank Foundation recently donated $10,000 to the Greer Community Outreach Center, a non-profit organization that provides homeless shelters, a community center serving children and families, a food bank, and resource center. As your community bank, we focus on what matters — you!

Do you need Auto debit with Greenville federal?

Count on your friends and neighbors at Greenville Federal to continue providing funds for homebuyers and LOCAL mortgage servicing and NO pre-payment penalty. Rates below require an auto debit from your Greenville Federal checking account.

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