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Frequently Asked Questions

Why countcounty bank?

County Bank is southern Delaware’s local choice. Providing the community mortgages, checking, savings and home equity loans. Free mobile and online services…We have roots here, not just branches. My time.

How do I log in to my County Bank online banking?

This can be performed on your mobile device by using a browser to access the homepage and tapping on the “Log in to Online Banking” button. Alert New County Bank Consumer Debit Mastercard Coming Soon! Learn More Close Online Banking Consumer eBanking| Business eBanking Enroll Business Enroll We have roots here,

How do I contact the Sigourney office?

For General Inquiries Contact our Sigourney Location 201 S Jefferson St, Sigourney, IA 52591 Phone 641-622-2525• Fax 641-622-2893 Toll Free: 877-611-2525 Visit us on Facebook

Why choose County Bank for financial management?

You don't have to do it all on your own. County Bank is here to help all our customers manage their finances with ease and accuracy. We offer Quicken financial software access and training, empowering the average user to be an active participant in their own spending and saving goals.

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