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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of a county clerk?

The main duties of the county clerk are to serve as clerk of the county court and the c ounty commissioners court, act as recorder of deeds and other instruments, issue marriage licenses and take depositions. The clerk is also responsible for conducting countywide special and general elections and for handling absentee voting.

What does county clerk mean?

county clerk. noun. an elective county official in most U.S. states who generally keeps records of property titles, distributes ballots, issues licenses, etc.

Which of these describes the duties of the county clerk?

Duties of a county clerk vary by region but may also include processing passport and homestead applications. Some clerks maintain an inventory of the county’s assets and prepare reports on county debt. In addition, he or she might be responsible for keeping records of all claims and lawsuits filed against the county.

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