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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of County National Bank?

CNB showed support for the nursing... John R. Waldron, President and CEO of County National Bank (“CNB”), is pleased to announce the recent promotions of several...

What does it mean to have an account at County National Bank?

"Account" or "Accounts" means your account or accounts enrolled for use with Online Banking, Mobile Banking or Bill Pay. In order to be enrolled for use with Online Banking or Mobile Banking, an account must be an open and active Bank checking, savings, certificate of deposit, or line of credit account.

How to contact CNBB Bank for customer service?

An Authorized User may contact a customer service representative at [email protected] or call our Electronic Banking Department at 517-439-4300 or 888-322-1088 for assistance.

Do you need a pin for County National Bank?

For enrollment, you will need a PIN (Telebanc PIN), please call 1-888-322-1088 or 517-439-4300 during County National Bank"s normal business hours if you do not know your PIN. You will create a Username and password and security questions/answers to use County National Bank"s online banking, mobile banking and bill pay services.

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