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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the golf lodge in Orange County?

My son was recently in a golf tournament at the Orange County National Golf Center. This lodge is steps away from the pro shop, restaurant, driving range, and courses. The putting green was literally out our front door.

How is the Orange County National Golf Center?

Room: Spacious, well maintained, clean, toiletries, extra towels, pillows, etc. immediately available, good cable reception.great A/C. Restaurant: great breakfast deal, $10. Full bar. Open 7AM till 6PM. Plenty of good restaurants within 6-mile radius. No kids seen, respectful adults, 15 minutes from the craziness. Yes, no pictures on walls.

What do you need to know about Middle Ranch Lodge?

Middle Ranch Lodge allows you and your guests to experience these views firsthand. Our lodge combines the inviting warmth of a cabin with the quiet elegance of a resort. In addition to unmatched scenery, the Lodge gives you access to world-class amenities.

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