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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a tax assessor?

Aspiring tax assessors should obtain at least an associate's degree in a finance related field, though some municipalities require only a high school diploma and relevant professional experience. At any education level, tax assessors can greatly benefit from courses in real estate law, finance and economics.

Does a tax assessor have the right to enter you?

The New York State Assessors' Association pamphlet, "Understanding Assessments and Property Taxes," states: The Assessor has a right to go to your front door and seek admittance (possibly he or she will only want to inspect the exterior of the house) but must leave the premises if asked to do so.

What are the duties of the county assessor?

The primary responsibilities of the county assessor are to determine the assessed value of property in the county and certify those values to the county auditor for the preparation of property tax statements. The assessor does not establish the tax rate, only the assessed value of property.

Can the county assessor lower your taxes?

There is nothing an individual County Assessor can do about this, and there is really nothing a County Assessor can do to raise or lower anyone's taxes, other than fix any mistakes that might have been made in valuing a property. County Assessors are tasked with one thing: To put a fair and accurate value on every piece of property.

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