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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the countycare provider portal?

Click here for the Provider Claim Review User Guide. The Provider Claim Review Form is available here. The CountyCare Health Plan provider portal is designed to give you real-time access to valuable information about your CountyCare patients and may eliminate the need to call Provider Services.

What kind of health care does countycare offer?

CountyCare covers doctor and hospital visits, dental and vision care, prescriptions and much more. Our members also have access to behavioral health services like therapy and substance-use disorder treatment.

How to become a provider of countycare health plan?

If you are new to the CountyCare network, please self-register for the provider portal using your practice Tax ID Number (TIN). A simple and focused bonus structure that rewards you for high quality care you provide to our members. Specific and detailed billing guidance for services provided to CountyCare Health Plan members.

Where are the countycare offices in Chicago IL?

CountyCare Health Plan Administrative Offices: 1900 West Polk Street, Suite 220C Chicago, IL 60612

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