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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dominos still have 7.99 deal?

And the company isn't the only one— Domino's recently announced it won't be raising its prices, but it will be removing the long-standing $7.99 carryout deal from in-store purchases, as well as reducing the number of chicken wings that come with it from 10 to eight.

Does Dominos have healthy pizza?

There are many ways to lighten up your Domino’s order so that it is a lower calorie, healthy pizza. We suggest selecting one of our lighter pizza crusts, opting for lean meats, choosing a smaller portion of cheese, and loading up on veggies.

Does Dominos have free delivery?

The fast food chain said each Domino's store gets to decide if it charges for delivery, as well as setting minimum spends and thresholds for free delivery. The company employs 30,000 people across...

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