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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Credit Foncier de France?

CREDIT FONCIER DE FRANCE is a member of Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts et de Résolution (FGDR) and makes its contributions into it. CREDIT FONCIER DE FRANCE is located in Bruxelles.

What happened to Crédit Foncier?

Crédit Foncier also manages its historical outstandings, the production of which ceased in the first quarter of 2019. CREDIT FONCIER DE FRANCE operates as a branch of Crédit Foncier de France (France).

What is Credit Foncier de Monaco?

Authorized in 1992, Credit Foncier de Monaco (CFM) is a member of Credit Agricole Group offering products and services in private banking and wealth management to domestic and international individuals, families, entrepreneurs, associations and foundations.

What is a Credit Foncier business?

In the past, Credit Foncier business were operated by company or limited partnership to build house and allocate land for sale to public in the form of installment payment or provide mortgage loans with land or house as collateral, however the public recognized this business in the name of installment real estate.

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