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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Credit Foncier mean in Webster Dictionary?

Webster Dictionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Credit foncier. a company licensed for the purpose of carrying out improvements, by means of loans and advances upon real securities.

Who was the founder of the Credit Foncier?

The Crédit Foncier (English: landed credit) initially made loans to communes. The movement was initiated by Louis Wolowski and Count Xavier Branicki, and sanctioned by Emperor Napoléon III in 1852 in an attempt to modernize the medieval French banking system and expand French investment outside Europe.

What kind of bank is Credit Foncier de France?

24 February 2012 - Compagnie de Financement Foncier, a unit of French mortgage specialist Credit Foncier de France (CFF), on Thursday upsized by EUR100m (USD133m) its bond maturing in 2055. Fire fighters cut through tubing to remove the rotten corpse at the branch of Credit Foncier in Lyon, south-east France.

How to calculate loan repayment in Credit Foncier?

To calculate Payments, fill in Loan Term *2. To calculate Loan Term to pay off a loan, input a repayment amount in Credit Foncier *3. The Schedule of loan repayments may be exported to an Excel spreadsheet

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